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Agent, Designer, and Coach

Andrew Abrams, also known as Agent Andy, is a veteran of licensing new product concepts and designs to manufacturers. He maintains a network of more than one thousand creative people that includes artists, designers, and inventors. Career and business coaching is a service that some of those creatives have received from him.
Andrew is the founder of the Web forum Successful Creativity Network™, which is an advocacy group for empowering creative talent in the business world.

His career in creating new consumer products was fostered by an Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering education. Andrew has held Product Director positions with giftware companies such as Russ Berrie & Co. His former position with the forest products manufacturer Union Camp Corp. afforded him experience with corporate strategic planning, new ventures, mergers, and acquisitions.

Andrew offers branding and marketing services through his Andrew Abrams Associates business.

You can attend one of Andrew's workshops for designers and innovators. If you cannot find a nearby workshop on our Events list, we will be happy to try to schedule a workshop in a convenient location for you. Please contact us, if you would like to propose a location and topic.

After work, Andrew spends his time at social dancing. He is an avid Argentine tango dancer; and he enjoys many other social partner dances.

"You will never lose your talent or run out of ideas."
- Agent Andy


"I got about $1million dollars worth of advice from Andrew Abrams yesterday. Truly a priceless 45 minute conversation. He is a designer, licensing agent, genius all around to bringing products such as mine to market." - Alissa G.

"Mr. Abrams,
I've known of your presence, as Agent Andy, for quite some time. You have a reputation for being very generous with your expertise."

- Beth G. - Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Greeting Card Artist

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